(Blues, Rock) Blodwyn Pig, Mick Abraham\'s Blodwyn Pig - Collection (1969-2012), 13 albums, MP3 (tracks), CBR 192-320 /VBR 240 kbps

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Blodwyn Pig, Mick Abraham's Blodwyn Pig - Collection
Жанр: Blues, Rock
Год выхода: 1969-2012
Производитель: UK
Аудио кодек: MP3
Тип рипа: Tracks
Битрейт аудио: CBR 192-320 /VBR 240 kbps
Продолжительность: 14:12:29

1969 - Ahead Rings Out 01:04:44 (remastered with bonus (2006)(CBR 320)

01-It's Only Love
02-Dear Jill
03-Sing Me A Song That I Know
04-The Modern Alchemist
05-Up And Coming
06-Leave It With Me
07-The Change Song
08-See My Way
09-Ain't Ya Comin' Home, Babe?
10-Sweet Caroline
11-Walk On The Water
12-Summer Day
13-Same Old Story
14-Slow Down
15-Meanie Mornay

1970 - Getting To This 00:46:07 (with bonus (1994)(CBR 320)

01. Drive Me
02. Variations On Nainos
03. See My Way
04. Long Bomb Blues
05. The Squirreling Must Go On
06. San Francisco Sketches
07. Worry
08. Toys
09. To Rassman
10. Send Your Son To Die
11. Summer Day
12. Walk On The Water

1970 - Fillmore West, San Francisco 01:25:54 (Bootleg)(CBR 320)

01-It's Only Love
02-Ain't Ya Comin' Home Babe
03-Dear Jill
05-San Francisco Sketches
06-It's Only Love
07-Change Song
08-Cat Squirrel
09-See My Way
10-Slow Down
11-Rock Me

1974 - Live In London 00:30:41 (Bootleg)(CBR 320)

01-See My Way
02-I Know
04-Six Days On The Road
05-The Change Song

1993 - Lies 00:55:24 (CBR 320)

01. Lies
02. The Night Is Gone
03. Recession Blues
04. Latin Girl
05. Gnatz
06. Funny Money
07. Witness (To A Crime Of Love)
08. Aby's Lean
09. The Victim
10. Love Won't Let You Down
11. Dead Man's Hill
12. Maggie Rose
13. I Wonder Who
14. All Said And Done

1994 - All Tore Down 01:07:57 (CBR 320)

01-It's Only Love
02-All Tore Down
04-Billy The Kid
05-I Wonder Who
06-The Victim
07-Cat's Squirrel
08-Slow Down
09-Dead Man's Hill

1996 - Pig In The Middle 01:09:49 (CBR 320)

01-Raining Again
02-You Got It Wrong
03-Going Down
04-Whisky Dreams
06-I'm Bored
07-Modern Day TV Blues
08-Mo' Bad News
09-Hard Wind
10-Fire In The Hole
11-Nervous Blues
12-New Day Sampler 1
13-New Day Sampler 2
14-New Day Sampler 3
15-New Day Sampler 4

1997 - Live At The Lafayette 01:12:22 (1974)(VBR 240)

01-Dunstable Truck-Driver Man's Blues
02-See My Way
03-Oh No!
04-Baby Girl
06-Cat Squirrel
07-It's Only Love
08-Dharma For Six
09-Six Days On The Road
10-Boogie Train/Slow Down

1997 - The Modern Alchemist 01:00:26 (CBR 320)

01. It's Only Love
02. The Modern Alchemist
03. The Change Song
04. Summer Day
05. Dear Jill
06. See My Way
07. Drive Me
08. Slow Down
09. Ain't Ya Coming Home, Babe?
10. Up And Coming
11. Cat's Squirrel

2000 - Basement Tapes 00:55:43 (1969-1974)(CBR 320)

01-The Modern Alchemist
02-Mr. Green's Blues
03-It's Only Love
04-See My Way
05-Blues Of A Dunstable Truck Driving Man
06-Baby Girl
07-The Leaving Song
08-I Know
09-It's Only Love (Live)
10-See My Way (Live)
11-Blues Of A Dunstable Truck Driving Man (Live)
12-Hound Dog
13-Drive Me

2004 - All Said And Done 01:02:47 + 01:10:36 (2CD)(CBR 320)

01-My Sunday Feeling 4:33
02-It's Breaking Me Up 6:54
03-Serenade To A Cuckoo 4:36
04-Move On Alone 2:43
05-Cat's Squirrel 10:56
06-Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You 4:08
07-Song For Jeffrey 3:14
08-They Call It Stormy Monday 6:35
09-Trouble In Mind 3:06
10-Dharma For One 5:17
11-Beggars Farm 4:05
12-Rock Me Baby 6:36
01-Road Roller 3:27
02-How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times & Live? 5:08
03-You Got It Wrong 5:16
04-Deadman's Hill 4:18
05-I Wonder Who 7:08
06-Lies 4:52
07-All Said And Done 3:14
08-Dear Jill 6:29
09-Do Re Mi 3:37
10-Blue Café 3:33
11-Drifiting Blues 4:20
12-Drive Me 2:44
13-Let Me Love You Baby 3:10
14-Victim 4:42
15-So Much Trouble 3:50
16-See My Way 4:41

2005 - Pigthology 00:48:11 (CBR 320)

01. See My Way
02. Baby Girl
03. Dear Jill
04. Monkinit
05. Drive Me
06. Change Song, The
07. Cosmogification
08. Same Old Story
09. Hound Dog
10. Sly Bones
11. It's Only Love
12. Stormy Monday

2012 - Radio Sessions 69 To 71 01:01:42 (CBR 320)

01–Ain't You Comin' Home
02–See My Way
04–Somebody Just Like Me
05–City Of Gold
06–Greyhound Bus
07–How Can You Love Me So
08–Not To Re-Arrange
09–Same Ol' Story
11–Why Do You Do Me This Way
12–Winds Of Change
13–Meaney Mornay
01-04,09,13 - As Blodwyn Pig
05-08,10-12 - As Mick Abrahams Band

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